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Monday, 30 August 2010

When You look at anything around you whether it be the home you live in, the car You drive or the building You work in I want You to know that they all began with a thought.You may have a hard time breaking down the company You work for down to a thought born in one man's mind but I assure You that is all it was. He or She had the thought and put it in to action and now the massive building You work in is the result.

What this means is that if You have been experiencing failure up to this point it was one and only one thing that caused it. Your thoughts.If You would quite simply change Your thoughts slightly then You too would find that Your actions and the things that You build are successes.

Let us pretend that We are all children again for a moment (yes I said 'children', stop taking Yourself so seriously!). Alright now what we're going to do is play a game.Think about only one choice that You find Yourself making a lot of the time. For example that You're going to go to bed after You've done some activity that You know ends up with You in bed late. A poker night during the week for example.

For the next 3 weeks miss that poker night or re-schedule it for days when You don't have pressing engagements the next day.I can bet You a Rolls Royce that by the end of the 4 weeks You will be enjoying a better quality of living. Apart from this any ideas that start to occur to You on those 'poker nights' when You doze, note them down and act on them.

If I'm wrong that Rolls is waiting for You and My e-mail is below.

'Thank Ya' for reading and have an amazing month.
Staying true to My bet.

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